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Apprentice Stylist $46 for a curly cut

Normesha is our Apprentice stylist that just graduated from cosmetology school. She has come to our salon because she wants to learn the art of cutting curly hair.   Normesha will be taking Curly Cuts on Tuesdays only, and will be under supervision by the owner.  If you book with Normesha please allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the appointment.  This will allow her to give you the best service possible.  Thank you  


Senior Stylist: $66 for a curly cut

Selena had been in this industry for 8 years.  She is vibrant, colorful, approachable, and creative.  She loves coloring, styling and she can do a quick blow out, updo's, and braids.  Selena is excited to begin this creative and fun curly journey with you...


Senior Stylist: $76 for a Curly Cut

 In 2011, Claudia graduated from Empire School of Cosmetology. Claudia is very detailed oriented, taking her time to give you the best education and experience, so when you come in do not be in a hurry.  Her ambitions for working with hair began as a child in Micronesia, braiding and styling every chance she had. If you are looking for someone to prepare you for a special occasion, Claudia is your gal! In addition to cutting and styling, she also provides eyelash and waxing services.


 Master Stylist: $100 for a curly cut

Teresa is the owner of Twisted Hare Salon. Her education includes Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica CA, Matrix Advanced Academy in New York, Deva Certified, Certified in the curl by curl cutting method by Lorraine Massey, Curl Map certified by Scott Musgrave, Advanced education in Affinage color, and always looking for continuing education.  Teresa has been cutting curly hair for 10 years, although she has swavy hair (which has body, and not much curl) It has not prevented her from understanding curls.  Many times curly haired people are told never to trust a stylist with straight hair when what you really need to be asking is how educated in curly hair is the stylist.  

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